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BPL International Business Advisors was established in 2006 as a Monaco-based research, analytics and advisory firm that provides end-to-end, value-added strategic consultancy support
More than ever before, strategic vision is paramount to achieve competitive advantage that is sustainable, profitable and lasting. That is why clients value our support across key areas of industry strategy consulting, including:

Corporate strategy and strategic planning. We work closely with clients in developing strong corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization. We leverage our expertise by providing industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning process design and alliance management.

Branding, growth and innovation. We assist your business to create new sources of revenue growth. Tailoring proven best practices to the specifics of your business we work with you to develop world-class innovation processes creating new products and services as well as distinctive brand strategies.

Organizational effectiveness. Our experience, methods and market analysis capabilities will help you to find the right people and utilize the full potential of your existing workforce. We offer deep expertise and experience in organizational design, including leading-edge solutions such as global business services and centres of excellence. We share our innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management and other aspects of workforce development.

Mergers and acquisitions. We provide full range of services from analysis of business opportunities through deal origination and due diligence to post-acquisition integration and on-going support.

Functional strategy. Our strategy consulting services include support for functional strategy development across all back-office operations including finance, human resources, procurement and information technology. We deliver hands-on support for outsourcing and offshoring and can help you with enterprise performance management solutions including best practice-based SAP implementation.

We don't limit ourselves to strategy development. In fact, more often than not we help our clients to execute those strategies. We proceed building a detailed implementation roadmap and then manage the change process while measuring progress against relevant metrics.